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2 Top Crypto To Buy For $10000 Crypto Portfolio

2 Top Crypto To Buy For $10000 Crypto Portfolio

Bitcoin halving anticipated between April 17 and 21, is spreading excitement in the crypto market and keeping investors on the edge. Expectations are galore, calling for rebalancing and redistribution of crypto to buy portfolios ahead of what could be the biggest bull run in the history of the digital asset industry.

Both new and seasoned tokens present opportunities for investors to zero in and achieve over $10,000 portfolio potential. This includes crypto to buy like Pendle (PENDLE) and Solana (SOL).

After the sell-off last weekend, opportunities to buy the dip and increase crypto holdings materialized considerably. This article shines a light on two tokens to buy amid the negative market shift to position yourself for a stronger rebound in 2024.

1. Solana (SOL)

The bullish outlook in the crypto market is quickly turning grim during US business hours on Monday. After topping $150 earlier today, SOL is extending a four-hour candle to $142.

Resistance at $150 reinforced by the 0.618 Fibonacci ratio threatens another sell-off back to $120, especially with the Relative Strength Index (RSI) reversing the trend downward at 41.

Not that another daily close under the RSI trendline support/resistance may imply heightened selling pressure over the coming sessions and even days.

SOL price forecast chart | Tradingview
SOL price forecast chart | Tradingview

The next couple of days will play a huge role in determining the direction SOL price will take. Such that, if the 0.786% Fibonacci ratio around $138 is respected as support, a recovery will ensue increasing the chances of Solana rallying above $200 again in 2024. Other support areas to watch include the ascending green trendline and last weekend’s major buyer congestion at $120.

Whether SOL price can debut at the $260 all-time high in 2024 will depend on investor interest in the token and the general market outlook after Bitcoin halving later this week.

Investors will likely begin to FOMO with a second break above $200. This move will validate the bullish strength in Solana and the ability for the price to hit a new record high in the year.

2. Pendle (PENDLE)

Despite broader market consolidation, Pendle coin has shown a robust recovery since mid-March, surging 225% from $2.30 to a high of $7.53. However, the geopolitical issue in the Middle East triggered a temporary pullback to $4.9, before the asset regained its above at $6.88.

As per the Fibonacci retracement tool, the Pendle rebounded from the 50% pullback, indicating constructive correction which allowed buyers to recuperate its strength. With an intraday gain of 1%, the coin buyers are likely to challenge the swing high resistance of $7.53.

2 Top Crypto To Buy For $10000 Crypto Portfolio
Pendle price chart | CoinGecko

Moreover, with the upcoming Bitcoin Halving just around the corner, the broader is expected to witness a renewed recovery potential impact on the Pendle price for higher recovery.

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