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Hong Kong activists are getting protest tattoos of umbrellas, gas masks, and a bleeding eye, in a bold break with the movement's anonymity


Hong Kong activists are getting protest tattoos featuring symbols of the movement, in a surprising break from its general commitment to anonymity. 

Fearing identification by police, protesters have taken to wearing face masks, hats, and goggles, shining laser pens at facial recognition cameras, and communicating via encrypted or hard-to-track messaging services via disposable SIM cards. 

But many Hong Kongers have chosen to express their commitment to protests by getting symbols associated with the movement as tattoos, a CNN report said.

Photos posted to Instagram by Hong Kong tattoo studios with pro-protest hashtags show gas masks, hard hats, and yellow umbrellas (the symbol of the 2014 pro-democracy protests) inked onto protesters.

One tattoo, first reported on by CNN, is of a bleeding eye.