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Another reason I am in crypto, IE fuck banks

I go to my bank I've been with for 20 years. I only use it to deposit pay and pay a credit card or car payment. I use a coinbase card for everything else including rent.

I have an 18k check written from another account I have with a "savings" in it. The only reason is because my 20 year old bank is what is hooked up to my dex and never flags deposits into my dex as fraud like I've heard so many others happen too so I keep it the way it is for safety sake.

They look at the check and immediately starts to act like it's a scam. They call the other bank and the other bank is like "yes the check is real and he has more than enough to cover this". The teller acts snooty and gets a power trip that she can control my money.

She informs me that she has to hold 13k of the funds for however long even after it was verified by a live person at the other bank.

Fuck the banks ancient business model. In my head in just like sure hold it, why not right, it's my money.

Sorry rant over

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