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Weekly Market Roundup: A Look into the Altcoins that Saw the Biggest Gains?

The digital currency industry in the past week came off with impressive price actions across the board. With Bitcoin (BTC) notably steering in the direction of the majority of the crypto ecosystem with its trading range of $43,591.32, and $48,791.78. The limited price surge of the premier cryptocurrency was perhaps stumped due to the protests in El Salvador, a trend that showed an internal rebuff for Bitcoin as a legal tender bill in the country.

Amidst the broad swing in the price-performance in the industry, many altcoins came off with good price marks, with Cosmos (ATOM), Audius (AUDIO), and Curve DAO Token (CRV) coming off printing the biggest gains in the trailing 7-day period. 

Here is a brief overview of how they all performed;

Cosmos (ATOM)

The Cosmos (ATOM) is currently up by 27.86% in the past week, after recording its All-Time High (ATH) price of $44.11 today. 

Cosmos to USD Chart. Source: CoinMarketCap

The Cosmos 7-day price chart as seen on CoinMarketCap shows a steady uptrend, sandwiched by a few lows at the beginning and middle of the week respectively. For the week, ATOM recorded as much as a $30.38 low, fueled by price consolidations amidst intermittent bullish buyups.

The ATOM accumulation is sustained as the Cosmos ecosystem is growing at a tremendous rate. Amongst the solutions it brings to the table is by connecting the fragmented blockchain protocols around today. This is one solution that is sure to push the growth of the fast-evolving digital currency ecosystem.

Audius (AUDIO)

Audius has also had an impressive week with a total price gain of 20.05% for the past 7 days. Despite starting the week in red, it has notably attempted to retry the bullish surge which led to its bullish push toward its ATH of $4.99 back in May. At present, the coin is changing hands at $2.85, and the current growth being seen in its ecosystem is a sign that more bullish paths are ahead of the 

Audius to USD Chart. Source: CoinMarketCap

Curve DAO Token (CRV)

The Curve DAO token surmounted a major price pitfall

Curve DAO Token to USD Chart. Source: CoinMarketCap

for the week, stretching from September 13 to September 14. In that short time frame, the digital token recorded its lowest price of $2.06 for the week. 

The token, riding on the strength of its DeFi offering has bounced back from this price slump and is currently trading at a price of $2.90. The coin is up 27.84% in the past week. 


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