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The Prosecutor's Office sees evidence of crime in the improper access to Rocío Carrasco's file of gender violence


Rocío Carrasco durante la entrevista en Telecinco, el pasado mes de abril.
Rocío Carrasco during the interview in Telecinco, last April. TELECINCO

The Office of the Prosecutor considers that the access of seven officials to the file of gender violence of Rocío Carrasco shows signs of an alleged crime of discovery of secrets due to improper entry to the database in which information is collected. This has been determined and transmitted to the courts corresponding to each of the points from which the information was accessed.

As confirmed by sources from the Prosecutor’s Office, the investigation started in April has concluded and it appears that seven officials of the province of Valencia may have committed a crime of revealing secrets, punishable by those who “without being authorized, seize , use or modify, to the detriment of a third party, reserved data of a personal or family nature of another that are registered in files or computer, electronic or telematic media, or in any other type of file or public or private registry. The same penalties will be imposed on whoever, without being authorized, accesses them by any means and whoever alters or uses them to the detriment of the owner of the data or a third party ”.

The investigation began after the Ministry of the Interior detected that a dozen officials of the Valencian Community had entered the data of the daughter of the singer Rocío Jurado without his work has nothing to do with the case and after the broadcast of the first episodes of the documentary series broadcast by Telecinco. The Secretary of State for Security blocked access to the system to all of them and, later, the Ministry of Justice of the Generalitat Valenciana opened an information and a disciplinary file and made the facts known to the Prosecutor’s Office. Access to this database is limited to officials who work in Social Services, the police and judges and leaves a trace, since each of the people who have access to it has a password to enter, since it is a question of confidential information.

The Alicante Public Prosecutor’s Office filed the investigation proceedings when it did not appreciate any crime and given that “it was data that the interested party herself was making known on television ”, according to sources from the public prosecutor’s office in Alicante. In the case of Valencia, the prosecutor’s office considers that there are indications of crime, as the newspaper has advanced Las Provincias , and has transferred the matter to the courts of Alzira, Onteniente, Moncada, Catarroja and Sueca.