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Active users on this sub is still a good metric to understand the Crypto cycle?

I was just wondering if the number of active users on this sub could still be used as a metric for measuring the state of the Crypto cycle.

Is the contribution activity lower than in 2021 because the hype and the FOMO are still nowhere near the levels of the last bull run? or due to the changes that took place last year regarding MOONS, we are never going to see the same amount of active users as in 2021?

Also, it will be interesting to see if the content quality in the next bull run will increase compared to the last one now that there will be no MOON compensation for posting. I remember many comments that pointed out how MOON distribution had ruined the sub with tones of shitposting and spam. In my opinion, good content always made its way up. How is the general sentiment with respect to this topic?

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