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AI News: Adobe Launches Generative AI Feature for PDFs

The Artificial Intelligence world is expanding by the day with tech giant Adobe launching a new AI feature to help its users navigate PDF files. This product comes as a complement to Adobe’s AI pursuit, marked by the release of Adobe Firefly 2.

The Adobe AI Assistant

Per an announcement from the firm the AI Assistant is currently in “Beta builds on Acrobat Liquid Mode” will unlock enhanced document intelligence. The first sets of use cases for the Adobe AI Assistant will be accessed through the Reader and Acrobat applications.

According to the firm, the new generative AI product is deeply integrated with Reader and Acrobat and users will be able to get summaries of very long documents. The Adobe AI will also be able to answer questions like the regular AI chatbots that are already in circulation today. 

Besides these, the technology is infused with the capabilities to format information needed for sharing in reports, presentations, and emails. With the technological capabilities of Adobe AI, it can notably unlock information from more than 3 trillion PDFs in the world.

“Generative AI offers the promise of more intelligent document experiences by transforming the information inside PDFs into actionable, knowledge and professional-looking content,” said Abhigyan Modi, Senior Vice President, of Document Cloud.

Besides the aforementioned capabilities, Adobe AI will also be able to provide intelligent citations, aid with easy navigation help its users generate creative summaries even with large documents. The company said Reader and Acrobat app users can access the new offering in the Beta mode but will have to pay a separate subscription to have access to it when it is out of the testing phase.

The Growing AI Showdown

Besides Adobe AI, many other tech giants are in a frantic race to take a slice of the new technology. At the moment, Sam Altman’s OpenAI is leading in the generative AI space with its GPT-4 engine. 

While the tech world is still adjusting to the success of this chatbot, the firm recently teased its text-video generator dubbed Sora which shook crypto X with its hyper-realistic video samples. Though there is growing competition from other tech giants like Google which recently rebranded its chatbot from Google Bard to Gemini, OpenAI still has a bigger slice of the market.

Other tech giants like NVIDIA and Microsoft are also dipping their foot in the AI scene, underscoring how intriguing the coming months will be for users following trends in the industry.

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