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AI News: Snapchat To Begin Crackdown On AI-Generated Content

With the growing popularity of Artificial Intelligence (AI), social media platform Snapchat has decided to put measures in place to detect AI-generated content. 

Snapchat AI Contents To Get Watermark

The innovative advancement in AI tools has made it even more difficult to tell what is real and what is not, hence the decision to mark AI-created content. Snapchat intends to introduce a watermark on all AI-generated content. This watermark would be a ghost with sparkles next to it, according to EnGadget. It can be seen when the user saves the image or content to their camera roll or exported. 

As is typical with watermarks, there doesn’t seem to be any way to control where the icon appears. Therefore, the Snapchat team is still working on the offering which will be officially launched soon. 

Notably, the social media platform’s move to give tags to in-app content comes after the addition of an AI marker for externally seen images. An Extend tool, which creates the effect of a zoomed-out image, indicates that it is an AI feature. 

Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snap Inc. foresaw earlier what confusion AI-generated content can snatch. In his earlier words, Spiegel published an article that says “Do not assume generative AI outputs are true or depict real events. Generative AI can and will make mistakes, and as a result, outputs may be incorrect, inappropriate, or wrong.”

OpenAI Floats More Unique AI Products

Besides Snapchat’s move, other tech giants like Alphabet Inc. have also shunned AI-generated media content. Besides this, many of the technology firms and AI companies have constantly launched more complex AI tools in the last couple of months. After releasing ChatGPT, OpenAI launched Sora, a revolutionary tool that can create videos from text descriptions. 

This tool can comprehend precise textual descriptions and transform them into quality video clips. Its distinctive features forced popular actor and producer Tyler Perry to halt the construction of an $800 million movie studio. He finds the touted capabilities of the new Large Language Model (LLM) rather “shocking.” From his observations, the celebrity believes that “a lot of jobs” in the film industry will be lost to AI in no time. 

OpenAI also introduced Voice Engine, an AI tool that can recreate a person’s voice by using text input and a single 15-second recording sample. This particular application has been made available to only a small group of testers who are expected to provide feedback on the potential danger of utilizing it. 

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