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AI’s Market Influence Expands as US Military Joins the Fray

AI's Market Influence Expands as US Military Joins the Fray

The US military has decided to incorporate AI-based software to find targets in war zones. Artificial intelligence’s use in warfare has always been a controversial realm. However, the integration of AI by many security forces and militaries makes it more evident that AI warfare is already here.

US Military Incorporates AI to Find Targets

According to Bloomberg, the US military has adopted AI to find targets against which they have launched strikes. The integration proves that AI warfare is already a reality. The initial idea of the program will be focused on AI-made platforms that can find targets like rocket launchers, bunkers, etc. However, worries about AI’s mistakes still loom and could result in wrong data analysis and false indications. However, the Bloomberg report highlights that the program will be focusing on accurate data integration for better results.

According to research published on ResearchGate, the anticipated applications of AI in the military over the next ten years are high and strong. Several of the artificial intelligence methods will either redefine or define important cutting-edge military technologies. The intelligent applications of AI will leverage the integration of knowledge-focused analytic capabilities. Next, the AI solutions will be integrated to make use of the network of physical and virtual domains. This will also allow the military to take advantage of the data integrity benefits offered by blockchain technology.

AI Software to Pick Pace in 2024

According to Fred Havemeyer, head of software and AI research at Macquarie, the use of generative AI software will start to pick up steam around 2024. The prediction comes at a time when it is predicted that around 2/3 of jobs in the future will have exposure to artificial intelligence.

A good example of the same is Apple recently declaring that it will focus on AI products going forward. The aim of IT companies to make large profits from artificial intelligence services prompted the decision. An upgraded version of Google’s AI-powered Gemini for Workspace has already been released. Microsoft is also strengthening its line of artificial intelligence products in the same competition with significant additions.

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AI Growth to Be a Key Demand in the Future

With more and more jobs having exposure to artificial intelligence, it is likely to become a key growth factor.  The way Nvidia is performing right now is a great illustration of how crucial artificial intelligence is to many of the industry’s titans. On $22.1 billion in revenue, Nvidia reported adjusted profits per share (EPS) of $5.16 for the quarter. Analysts had predicted $20.4 billion in revenue and $4.60 in earnings per share.

Artificial intelligence will be a significant future revenue stream for IT companies. Furthermore, the worldwide artificial intelligence market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 37.3% between 2023 and 2030. Forbes predicts that China will gain the most from artificial intelligence. By 2030, the nation’s GDP will have increased by 26%, while North America’s GDP will have increased by 14.5% as well. When combined, these benefits will contribute almost 70% of the $10.7 trillion economic impact on the world stage.


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