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Alternative ASIC firmware BixBit helps to increase mining speed up to 40%! | Provides high safety and easy to install | Perfect variant for adequate money

I’ve been using the firmware from BixBit for a month now. What I’d like to note:

  • The firmware really works! Honestly, I didn't count on the promised 40%. But having recorded even 25%, I realized that the developers are not lying. Moreover, I use air cooling. And I was immediately told that the maximum effect is on the immersion cooling.
  • The software is universal. Suitable for most ASIC-models. But if in doubt, at any time before or after the purchase, you can talk to technical support. The guys described how to further increase the result by updating the equipment within my budget.
  • There is a built-in antivirus that works well and stably.

And the firmware is also easy to install thanks to a detailed guide on the site and technical support, which quickly answers all questions.

This is my first firmware. And, after reading reviews about such software, I was afraid of a "brick". And the fact that the result will be zero. But in fact, the mining speed was significantly increased, and there were no problems with the installation.

And I have already saved more money on electricity than I paid for the firmware.

Highly recommend https://bixbit.tech/en

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