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Belle Delphine, the Instagram star known for selling her bathwater, says she was arrested for spray painting the car of someone who stole her hamster — here's everything you need to know

belle delphine

A 19-year-old Instagram model had her account shut down in July, just weeks after going viral for selling her bathwater to "thirsty gamer boys" for $30 a jar.

Belle Delphine, a British cosplayer famous for her provocative photos, has been on Instagram since 2015. But the bathwater stunt, combined with an earlier gag involving the website PornHub, thrust her into the spotlight this year.

Before her account was shut down, Delphine had as many as 4.5 million Instagram followers. Separately, she has almost 4,400 supporters on Patreon, where anybody who pledges $25 a month or more can view her "lewd HD photosets," and those who pay $50 or more a month get access to her Snapchat, which is described as her "'naughtiest' social media."

However, Delphine disappeared from social media in August, leading people to speculate what had happened. She reappeared on Twitter this week to say it was because she had been arrested because she had spray painted the car of someone who had stolen her hamster. Unfortunately, the United Kingdom's Metropolitan Police don't release arrest reports, so Business Insider is unable to corroborate Delphine's story.

Here's everything you need to know about the Instagram star Belle Delphine:

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Belle Delphine is a 19-year-old model from the United Kingdom who has gained a significant social-media following since she first started posting content to Instagram in 2015.

Source: Know Your Meme

Delphine's content is usually provocative and often not safe for work. She's most famous for making the "ahegao" facial expression in her photos.

We'll let Wikipedia define that for you: "Ahegao is a term of Japanese pornography describing a facial expression of fictional characters during sex often used in pornographic videogames, manga and anime."

Source: Know Your Meme

In addition to her Instagram, Delphine also runs a YouTube channel with nearly 600,000 subscribers. However, she's only posted three videos there.

Delphine runs a Patreon account for "creating photos and lewd content" that has almost 2,700 paying fans. For $50 or more a month, "patrons" can get access to Delphine's premium Snapchat account, which features her "naughtiest" photos.

Source: Patreon

In June, Delphine went viral when she told her followers she'd create an account on the popular PornHub site if one of her Instagram posts got over 1 million likes. But instead of posting porn, as her fans may have expected, she uploaded 12 videos to PornHub that showed her doing things like cuddling two stuffed roosters and eating a picture of the YouTube personality PewDiePie.

In response to Delphine's trolling, fan responses included disappointment and glee, with one person comparing her to a "2019 Andy Warhol."

Source: Business Insider

In July, Delphine started selling $30 bottles of "GamerGirl Bath Water" on her online store for "thirsty gamer boys." She advertised the water by posting Instagram videos of her playing in a bathtub. To even Delphine's surprise, the jars of bathwater sold out in just three days.

Source: Business Insider, Twitter

Although Delphine sold the bathwater with the disclaimer that the water "is not for drinking," people online were quick to consume it. People who posted reviews online said the water tasted "so salty" and "candy-like."

Source: Business Insider

Delphine's two Instagram accounts were shut down in July after what the company said was a violation of its rules — though it didn't go into details. However, reports have indicated it was due to a coordinated reporting campaign of claims of "nudity or pornography" made against her account.

Source: Business Insider

Jokes about Delphine's bathwater eventually made it to an episode of PewDiePie's popular "Meme Review" series in September. PewDiePie recently returned from his post-wedding honeymoon, and posted a photo to Instagram of him sitting in a bathtub filled with flowers. Fans, including YouTuber James Charles, joked that he should sell his bathwater.

Source: PewDiePie on Instagram

PewDiePie jokingly announced in the video that he would sell bottles of his bathwater for $29, undercutting Delphine's price by $1. Although we wouldn't put it past PewDiePie to actually go through with the joke, no bottles of bathwater have yet to appear for sale on his merchandise store.

Source: PewDiePie on YouTube

Although Delphine's Instagram was shut down in July, her Twitter, YouTube, and Patreon accounts remained online. But she disappeared from even those in early August, leading people to question what happened to her sudden social media hiatus.

But in early October, Delphine broke her silence. She posted on Twitter that she had been arrested, and shared a photo that appears to be her mugshot. Delphine said that she was arrested after spray painting the car of a girl who came to one of her parties and stole her hamster. "At least I got my hamster back. b---h," Delphine wrote on Twitter. Police in the United Kingdom don't disclose arrest reports, so it's impossible to corroborate.

Tweet Embed:
I got arrested lol pic.twitter.com/11GJXHpLqF
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I stg this girl came to my party and stole my hamster. I have no idea why, or who tf does that? I spray painted the fucc out of her car and got arrested, at least I got my hamster back. bitch pic.twitter.com/UoKbZ4XTaU