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Biggest Wins At Stake Casino

If you are a regular casino player, then we know you love big wins, or any wins in general. It’s not often we truly get to enjoy big wins ourselves, and even if we do win, it is nowhere near the total some streamers pull in daily. Usually, the more you bet, the more you could win, but it also means the more you could lose. Gambling is a risk, one that should not be taken too lightly, but sometimes you have to risk it to win big. Today we will be taking a look at some of the biggest wins at Stake casino. There is no definite science to figuring out the biggest win of all time, or even those trailing behind. But thanks to big wins being highly publicized, we have found some of the biggest wins at Stake casino, check them out:

$25 Million Casino Win

Drake, a world-renowned rapper and artist, is partnered with Stake casino. Drake has always loved gambling, so of course, when given the opportunity he partnered with one of the most reputable cryptocurrency casinos. Drake was enjoying some regular roulette at Stake casino on the 11th of July, 2022. To commemorate the 11th, Drake was betting on the number 11, and his lucky streak took it from there. Drake walked away that evening with the biggest Stake win of $25 million, but managed to win more than $50 million over the course of his limited play.

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500 BTC Casino Win

500 BTC Casino Win at Stake Casino

Trainwreck is a longtime and loved gambling streamer, known for his biggest wins on Stake casino. Trainwreck is a regular at Stake casino, and usually streams his play-throughs, but his stream on March 25th was about more than just sharing the fun with his followers. Trainwreck was playing Might of Ra Slot when he stumbled across a 500 BTC win. 500 BTC roughly converted to about $20,000,000 at the time of the win. With a bet amount of 0.02332 BTC and a multiplier of x22,500, Trainwreck scored one of the biggest Stake wins of 524 BTC. 

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x5,148,297 Multiplier Casino Win

The date was October 23, 2021, when streamers “Kefun” and “Teufeurs” were enjoying Stakes’ original Mine game. During the game, you can see Kefun and Teufeurs playing at Stake on a split-screen stream when Teufeurs won big. With a bet amount of only €0.04, Teufeur managed to score a multiplier of x5,148,297. With this massive multiplier win, Teufeur managed to walk away with a record-breaking win of €205,471. This is maybe not the biggest win, but had the bet amount been higher with the multiplier provided, this could’ve been the biggest win on Stake. 

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Plinko Casino Win

Imagine making a small bet of 0.0016 and walking away with an incredible 1.5 BTC. One Plinko managed to hit this jackpot prize back in 2020. The date was May 10th, 2020, and the game was Plinko. With a small bet amount of 0.0016 and a massive multiplier of x1000, this player managed to score a big win of 1.5 BTC, estimated at around $15,000 at the time of winning. 

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Volatile Casino Win

Volatile Casino Win

It’s not often you see your big win get even bigger, one Stake winner managed to make this a reality. A player placing a bet of 0.10 BTC scored a great multiplier of x49.5 walking away with a win of 4 BTC in 2019. Because of the volatile price of BTC, the players’ prize which was averaging at $26,000 on June 17th, 2019, grew to more than $32,884 by the end of June. Even when you’re done winning, BTC comes in clutch to push the price up. 

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More Big Casino Wins

On the Stake subreddit, we see many users claiming their big win amounts. There is no way to confirm these claims, but they are interesting to see. One user claims to have won $96,000 on Money Train on a $100 bet. These wins may not come close to those of celebrities and streamers, who have the money to lose, but the excitement of your everyday player winning big is even more rewarding. 

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Everyone Is a Stake Big Winner

None of these may be the biggest win on Stake casino, these are just some of the most publicized ones. There are likely bigger winners out there who didn’t want or know how to share their success stories. Regardless of how much you win, gambling should always be focused on entertainment and never used to provide an income, Stake brings you a top-tier gambling experience. 

Stake casino is an industry-leading platform that has continued to impress its players with incredible bonuses, interesting sponsorships, plenty of payment methods, and more. There is no limit to the fun and profit to be had on Stake Casino, which is why it is a regular event for most streamers playing there. 

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