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Binance notification saying account has been restricted for not verifying but I’m verified.

For a week Binance have been sending me a notification saying I need to verify my account or it will be restricted, I’m fully verified and everytime they send it to me, I check and it literally says I’m fully verified a there’s no option to verify my identity further,so this was annoying. Yesterday they sent me a notification saying my account has been restricted, I’ve sent multiple chat attempts to find out what’s going on as I don’t want to lose my funds, also everytime I go on the app it says I’m fully verified and all the features are also working fine, I’m so confused, is this happening to anyone else?

No one has ever replied to my support chat questions, this feels very shady from Binance and it feels like they are looking for some excuse to lock away my funds even though I’m fully verified.

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