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Bitcoin cash animal rescue will pause for a while.

Bitcoin cash animal rescue will pause for a while.


Community, I'm Gerson Arellano, Founder of Bitcoin Cash Animal Rescue. Project with which I've dedicated to providing help to street animals.

Unfortunately my vehicle has broken down and the repairs exceed my budget (costs $400), so I will have to give a break to my project.

This mainmete, because without my car, it becomes almost impossible for me to be able to move all over my city so that I can reach as many animals as possible, especially by transporting all the material that I must use for this activity.

I do not like to communicate this kind of thing, but because of the great receptivity that this project has had, I feel that I have a very great commitment to this community and this is something that I must communicate.

You can be sure that once I can solve this problem I will come back very strongly, but until then I will have to take on this pause.


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