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Bitcoin Miner DMG Acquires 4,550 T21 Antminers for $12.1 Million

Bitcoin Miner DMG Acquires 4,550 T21 Antminers for $12.1 Million

DMG Blockchain Solutions, a bitcoin miner and cryptocurrency technology company, announced that the firm has purchased 4,550 T21 Antminer bitcoin miners from Bitmain Technologies. DMG detailed that it paid $12.1 million for the next-generation application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) miners which equates to $14 per terahash a second (TH/s).

DMG to Expand Fleet With Latest Purchase From Bitmain

DMG has revealed it has purchased 4,550 T21 Antminers from Bitmain and it expects to get 1.06 exahash per second (EH/s) from the new units. The firm detailed that the miners cost $12.1 million and were financed through both cash and liquidated bitcoin (BTC). The mining firm is expecting the units to arrive sometime in March 2024.

The T21 Antminer produces 190 TH/s but can be overclocked to 233 TH/s, DMG detailed in its announcement. The company aims to ship the miners to the firm’s Christina Lake data center facility. “DMG is planning to utilize its previously purchased mining containers, which are in the process of being installed at its Christina Lake facility in advance of taking delivery of the T21 miners,” the company said in a statement.

DMG added:

This new fleet, in combination with expected rationalization of its existing fleet, will help DMG improve its overall fleet efficiency anticipated to be below 25 J/TH post-halvening, which is expected in April 2024.

The news follows several mining operations acquiring ASIC bitcoin mining machines. Iris Energy just recently acquired 7,000 T21 Antminers from Bitmain and Riot Platforms secured 66,560 ASICs or 18 EH/s from Microbt. DMG mined 64.7 BTC in November and by the end of the month, the firm held a total of 429 BTC worth $18,801,182 using prevailing exchange rates.

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