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Bitcoin Mining Firm BitFuFu to Go Public via SPAC Merger Hinting Higher Demand

Bitcoin Mining company BitFuFu plans to go public

Bitcoin Mining firm BitFuFu is eyeing an initial public offering in the US via a SPAC merger. The company had previously filled a form F-4 with the SEC which was approved today, strengthening the chances of the firm going public. The IPO will also come at a time when Bitcoin Mining has been steadily increasing in the past year.

BitFuFu to go public via SPAC

BitFuFu’s SPAC deal and subsequent IPO also indicate a mainstream acceptance and demand for Bitcoin companies. The upcoming performance of major publicly listed crypto companies also cements the idea that the market has grown more curious about crypto firms.

BitFuFu had previously filled out an F-4 form with the SEC in December of 2023. The filing was accepted on Wednesday indicating that the company will soon proceed with the deal and the IPO. According to the same filing, BitFuFu will now trade under the ticker FUFU on Nasdaq.

In the first half of 2023, BitFuFu made $134 million in revenue from cloud mining and proprietary mining, according to the F-4 filing.

BitFuFu’s IPO comes as Bitcoin mining picks up pace

Bitcoin mining has gained more traction and demand in the past couple of years. As a growing demand for Bitcoin enters the market, more mining setups are required to fulfill the need. A good measure of understanding this is by assessing the Bitcoin Mining hash rate.

According to reports, the current Bitcoin Network Hash Rate is 638.05M, up from 289.51M a year ago. This represents a shift of 120.4% from a year ago signifying greater demand. In anticipation of the much-awaited halving, the Bitcoin network has demonstrated enhanced resilience. The fact is evidenced by the hash rate reaching an all-time high.

Crypto gets mainstream traction

BitFuFu’s IPO is also a symbol of a more mainstream demand for crypto-related assets. This could be in the form of Bitcoins, stocks, or even ETFs.

According to an EY report, crypto-assets used to be on the periphery of financial services, but in recent years, several varieties have been more widely accepted. It should come as no surprise that measures to strengthen efforts to guarantee investor and economic security have drawn increased attention from regulators around the world.

The same trend can be observed with CoinBase. According to Yahoo Finance, 2023 ended up being a banner year for Coinbase. The stock rose more than 400% in value. In the upcoming year, the market is anticipating more such IPOs that strengthen the idea of crypto firms getting more mainstream.

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