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Bitcoin to 100k or Doge to 1 dollar - What Will Happen First?

Btc to 100k or doge to 1$? The title is self explanatory, not really necessary to have 500 characters but here they are. Both scenarios or very likely but what do you believe will happen first?

I'm here for the long run, I love accumulating btc, eth, Doge. Trading has always seemed kinda scary to me so I buy and HODL. Plus there's a story of a guy that had like 1.7 million cardano and booom. I wouldn't wanna be in that situation. Look it up I'm sure you can find it here somewhere.

Seriously what do you think happens first be to 100k or doge to 1$? Obviously both are pretty inevitable with time on our side just curious to what everyone thought about it. Take care of yourselves and the people around you <3

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