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Can anyone convince me on a potential use-case of Blockchain other than borderless payments

I am software engineer exploring the space of Blockchain. I’ve built couple of Blockchain Dapps for my office too. But when it comes to what other than payments my brain pops up with lot of thoughts across various sectors such as Health Care, Real Estate, Trade Finance, Tokenisation, Digital Identity. But looking at the current scenario don’t you think its a big ask for the world setup to start implementing various orders from scratch replacing the existing setup across various sector to leverage the features of Blockchain such as immutability and security. Even if Borderless payments is THE use-case why we need so many tokens minting on their own blockchain. We can solve it with Bitcoin and move forward. It becomes very hard for me to convince the senior leadership in my office to start experimenting on new projects in Blockchain space. Please enlighten me.

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