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Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Fumes As RFK Jr’s Family Backs Joe Biden

Cardano News: Charles Hoskinson Fumes As RFK Jr's Family Backs Joe Biden

In a political whirlwind, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson took to social media to express his frustration as the family of presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr announced their endorsement of Joe Biden. Hoskinson, known for his significant contributions to the crypto space, voiced his dismay on X and stated, “Power is the only currency of Washington.”

Cardano Founder Ditches The Narrative Of RFK Jr’s Family

Hoskinson’s discontent stems from what he perceives as the political machine maneuvering to sideline RFK Jr. He added that “Kennedy is viewed as a longshot but a potential spoiler” in the upcoming presidential race. Hence, the Cardano believes that the political machine has dragged “Kennedy family out in front of the public to endorse Biden.’

In his post, he lamented the sacrifices individuals endure in the pursuit of political office. In addition, Hoskinson highlighted the complexities and challenges faced by those brave enough to run for president. The Cardano founder wrote, “What happened today is just another example of how profoundly broken and inhuman politics has become and the sacrifices one has to make to run for president.”

Furthermore, he empathized with RFK Jr and shed light on how he would react if a similar situation occurs in his family. Hoskinson further added, “I work with my dad and brother. If they ran for office, regardless of their politics, I’d support them because I trust their character and hearts.”

In addition, the Cardano founder spotlighted the potential reason why better candidates don’t engage in the presidential elections. Hoskinson wrote, “When you ask why we don’t have better candidates for president, you have your explanation. This is what someone has to endure to run. The attacks will only get worse.”

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Kennedy Family’s Endorsement Of Joe Biden

The endorsement came during a pivotal moment in the campaign, with RFK Jr’s sister, Kerry Kennedy, delivering a passionate speech on CNN. Moreover, she declared the family’s support for Biden. In addition, she invoked their father’s legacy and emphasized the importance of standing against what she deemed as the perilous leadership of the opposition.

“We cannot stand aside in this election,” Kerry Kennedy affirmed, echoing her father’s sentiments from decades past. She praised Biden’s achievements, including economic growth, job creation, and efforts to combat gun violence and climate change. Her endorsement underscored Biden’s commitment to upholding democratic values and protecting fundamental rights.

Furthermore, Biden, visibly moved by the endorsement, expressed his gratitude to the Kennedy family. Moreover, he hailed it as an “incredible honor.” In addition, he acknowledged their legacy of civil rights activism and praised their unwavering support for his candidacy.

The endorsement, however, is not merely a symbolic gesture. It carries significant weight in the context of RFK Jr’s candidacy as a third-party contender. The Kennedy family’s endorsement of Biden serves as both a nod to his leadership and a tacit rebuke of RFK Jr’s candidacy.

By aligning themselves with Biden, they signal to voters the importance of unity and the urgency of supporting a candidate who embodies the values they hold dear. In the words of Kerry Kennedy, “A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for our democracy and our decency.”

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