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CCIP-040 - Limit Comedy posts to 2 and do not count them in the limit of posts allowed per crypto

Current situation

Currently, we have a system defined by CCIP-012 where there is only allowed to be X number of posts about the same crypto in the top 50, decided by market cap. I understand the need for this rule, as otherwise you'd have too many similar posts clogging everyone's feeds.


However, there is a slight issue, which occurred recently. A 'comedy' flaired post about LUNA caused actual serious posts about LUNA to be automatically be removed. In my opinion, the current system makes comedy posts slightly annoying, as they stop genuine debate and news.


Comedy posts do not count towards the Top 50 rule for number of posts allowed per crypto. This would stop comedy posts hindering real discussion and news.

Additionally, only 2 comedy posts are allowed in the Top 50 at any one time. Comedy posts achieve 'Hot' status relatively easily in this subreddit (due to the 0.1x karma multiplier), so adding this limit would balance out the kind of posts that are seen. It would also stop abuse of the other change implemented in this proposal.

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