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China’s Secret Medicine: China’s Secret to Controlling the Covid Wave on the Mainland: What Has China Done to Avoid the Corona Virus? Know everything

Even today, questions are being raised around the world about China’s control over the corona virus outbreak. China, which created this deadly epidemic, is watching itself as it spreads the virus all over the world. Many experts even claimed that China had fled by using some kind of secret medicine or vaccine etc. Meanwhile, many countries, including the United States, continue to support despite the lack of evidence for the theory of the corona virus leak from the Wuhan lab.

Secret drug claim denied by China Media Group
China has once again clarified the use of secret medicine and the theory of Wuhan lab leaks. In the IANS news agency report, Anil Pandey, partner at China Media Group, wrote that people living in China know how well the rules were followed here last year, which continues until present. But governments and people abroad haven’t taken the virus so seriously. For this reason, the epidemic situation worsens there again and again.

Chinese researchers have found 24 other coronaviruses in bats, some like SARS-CoV-2, which spreads Kovid-19
Claims to take the corona epidemic more seriously than other countries
This report claimed that the epidemic has been well controlled in almost all cities in China. Despite this, people only leave their homes with masks. Steps like measuring the temperature or checking the green code when entering any mall are underway. Which means that China is well aware of the seriousness of the corona epidemic. For this reason, the Chinese government and citizens always take every precaution, because as long as this virus is not eradicated from all over the world, there will be a possibility of spread.

Variant of coronavirus found in India spreads to China, drones deployed to keep people inside
Saying mandatory quarantine of foreigners is the key to victory
Suffice to say that many countries are facing the second and third wave of the epidemic, while China has not allowed the second wave to strike in its country. Strict measures have been taken for this. There has been no direct international flight from overseas to the capital Beijing for several months, while until some time ago to India, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. cities like London, New York, Durban through the air bubble continued to operate amid the epidemic. of the epidemic. .

Why has China been hiding secrets if nothing went wrong in the Wuhan lab? Indian looking for real Corona address asked
Told the secret drugs strict discipline and discipline
Travelers arriving in India from abroad did not even have to live in strict quarantine. But anyone coming from overseas to China must remain in isolation at the hotel for two weeks. During this time, if his corona report is positive, the quarantine time increases further. After the hotel it is also necessary to stay separately in the house for a week. China’s secret drugs are such methods as strict measures and discipline to control the virus. Foreign media should also pay attention in this direction.

Corona prevention measures in China