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Coronavirus Vaccine Super Mutant: Coronavirus Mutant Variant Vaccine: Corona Virus Vaccine Variant

The UK Government’s Official Science Advisory Group (SAGE) has warned of the danger of a very deadly variant of the super-mutant corona virus in the times to come. These scientists say this virus will neutralize existing vaccines. He warned that it is difficult to remove the virus completely, and therefore variants are likely to continue to arrive. According to him, with the help of the antigen variation, the vaccines will be ineffective.

This group has warned the government that to prevent this it is very important to stop transmission. Apart from this, there has been demand to develop such a vaccine which not only prevents hospitalization or serious illness, but also develops more immunity for a long time.

Many variations have surfaced
According to the report, the goal should be that those vaccinated do not spread the infection. Scientists say that over the past few months, many variants have emerged that have survived the vaccine but were not able to completely neutralize it. However, this raises the possibility that the virus may develop protection against it as the vaccine progresses. This is why stopping transmission is extremely important.

… so 1 in 3 lives will be lost
In this report, scientists also expressed concern that one in three humans may also die from the super mutant variant. Experts say if the incoming strain mixes the beta found in South Africa with the alpha found in Kent or the delta variant found in India, it will also neutralize the vaccines. Because of this, it is also possible to increase the death rate.

Warning before ending containment
Based on this report, experts once again cautioned against government preparations to end lockdown restrictions in Britain. He says the SAGE report shows the virus has not quit the hunt. The government should therefore be more vigilant in this regard. These experts have asked the British government to provide booster shots by winter.

The world is shocked by the variant of the corona virus found in Nepal, the vaccine will also fail!

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