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Crypto Market Emerges As Safe Haven Amid Debasement Concerns

Crypto Market Emerges As Safe Haven Amid Debasement Concerns

Crypto markets have seen a bull run as investor confidence in digital currencies has strengthened significantly. A strong influx of capital into Bitcoin ETFs has buoyed the prices of the OG-crypto currency to surpass the $63,000 level. But the strength in the crypto markets comes at a time when other financial indicators are hitting bearish sentiments. According to the latest Bloomberg report,  investors might turn more toward crypto markets as fears of a debasement loom larger.

Crypto Emerges as a Viable Option

The Bloomberg research claims that the current monetary system is not keeping up with technological advancements. The majority of the world’s population lives in the long tail of most currencies, which is characterized by fast currency depreciation.

We shouldn’t write off crypto markets too quickly because of this. People in various jurisdictions can choose to use decentralized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or stablecoins as an alternative to their local currency, which depreciates quickly and is used to represent their savings and salaries.

Rising Debt and Tight Monetary Policies Weigh on Financial Markets

Currently, US debt stands at an all-time high level. That combined with uncertainty on the Fed’s rate cut decisions, and devaluating currencies, among other factors, have made investors wary of traditional financial markets.  As of right now, cryptocurrency markets have shown resilience to increased volatility and monetary stress. Additionally, given data indicating potential near-term volatility in market circumstances, government assets may see a decline and weakness. In a scenario like this, cryptocurrency markets are probably going to rise as investors move their funds into the realm of virtual currencies.

Reuters pointed out that, according to a survey released on Friday by Bank of America Global Research, investors doubled their money into cryptocurrencies and pumped the most money into technology equities since August in the week leading up to Wednesday. The amount of money coming into cryptocurrency increased to $2.4 billion in the most recent week from $1.2 billion the week before as investors flocked to exchange-traded funds, pushing bitcoin closer to all-time highs of almost $69,000. A new wave of capital has been driven into riskier assets by investors’ rising confidence that the U.S. Federal Reserve would have lowered interest rates by the middle of the year, given the strength of the economy.

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Will Crypto Bull Run Continue?

The future seems bright for the cryptocurrency markets, as interest in government assets is waning. As of right now, the future seems bright for a lot of cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin leading the pack. Several institutions have been betting that the OG-crypto will eventually experience a price increase. This includes the prediction made by Bitwise that the price of Bitcoin will rise above $80,000 in 2024. According to Coinbase, institutional investment in Bitcoin will remain the primary emphasis for at least the first half of 2024.


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