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Crypto Markets on Cautious Watch as US Stock Surge Cements Fed’s View

Crypto Markets on Cautious Watch as US Stock Surge Cements Fed’s View

Crypto markets have been on the edge recently as mixed signals have prompted confusion about the Fed’s rate cut trajectory. Fanning the same concerns more, a recent surge in the US stock market has indicated that purchasing power might still be thriving among investors. In the middle of uncertainty, the idea that rates will stay for longer has cemented further.

US Stocks Surge; Nvidia’s Earnings Show Strength in Market

According to a report by Reuters, this year, the S&P 500 has risen to record highs thanks in part to strong corporate performance. The rise has deflected attention from the Federal Reserve’s arduous journey toward lower interest rates. Some investors think monetary policy will take center stage once earnings season concludes. LSEG IBES statistics showed that S&P 500 companies were on track to boost fourth-quarter earnings by 10% over the year-earlier period, which would be the highest jump since the first quarter of 2022, even after the vast majority had reported. The boost in stocks has also lifted sentiments towards assets like crypto.

A major indicator of the strength in the stock market was Nvidia’s earnings. On $22.1 billion in revenue, Nvidia reported adjusted profits per share (EPS) of $5.16 for the quarter. $20.4 billion in revenue and $4.60 in earnings per share were the projections made by analysts. That’s a big increase above Nvidia’s $0.88 per share of $6.1 billion during the same period previous quarter. The fact that Nvidia generated $27 billion in sales throughout the fiscal year 2022 further underscored the company’s accomplishment.

Fed’s Uncertainty Looms, Data Ahead to Provide Cues

US data figures have reinforced predictions that the Fed could delay reducing interest rates for a while. Since the start of the year, investors have been making assumptions about the possible pace and size of interest rate reductions from the Fed. Nevertheless, market participants are already pricing in bets that a rate decrease will only happen in June or July given the hotter-than-expected numbers. This plan modification is in line with prior forecasts of rate decreases in March and May. With the current surge in stocks, the indications that purchasing power might also stay uplifted continue.

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Crypto Markets Cautious With Larger Economic Backdrop

Investors have historically relied heavily on the Federal Reserve’s rate choices as a guide for evaluating assets. Government securities are often devalued by lower interest rates, which makes assets like cryptocurrency more appealing. The probability that investors might stick with traditional assets for a while in light of the Fed’s decision to delay rate lowering has caused the cryptocurrency markets to brace for volatility.

Positively, though, a robust economy also keeps investor demand high. Purchasing power is usually constant in positive economies, and riskier investments are preferred. In such a case, cryptocurrency markets are likely to continue rising at the current rate, regardless of the Fed’s decision.

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