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Crypto Prices Today: Market Rallies As BTC, Pepe Coin, BEAM Soars

Crypto Prices Today

The crypto prices today have witnessed notable gains over the weekend, suggesting that investors are again putting their bets on the digital asset space. Meanwhile, according to experts, the recent rally in the crypto prices could be due to the recent dovish remarks from the Fed officials.

In a Friday speech, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell resisted market expectations for immediate aggressive interest rate cuts, emphasizing it’s premature to declare victory over inflation. However, despite recent positive price indicators, Powell affirmed the Federal Open Market Committee’s commitment to maintaining restrictive policy until convinced that inflation is securely returning to the 2% target.

In individual crypto prices, the Bitcoin price experienced gains of 1.62% over the last 24 hours and traded at $38,807.70. The latest yearly high of the crypto has bolstered the confidence of the market participants, with several investors now anticipating the crypto to hit $40,000. Notably, over the past week, it has added nearly 3%.

However, looking at the prices of the other top cryptos, it appears that the market sentiment is somewhat mixed on Saturday, December 2. For instance, the Ethereum price declined 0.13% to $2,095.44 during writing, while its trading volume over the last 24 hours fell 2.59% to $9.05 billion. Simultaneously, the BNB price fell 0.21% to $229.32 at the same time, with its trading volume remaining flat at $593.60 million.

In contrast, the XRP price added 0.27% from yesterday to $0.6136, while its trading volume plunged 14% to $845.52 million in the last 24 hours. In addition, the Cardano price witnessed gains of 1.58% to trade at $0.3859, and its one-day volume fell 17% to $228.49 million.

Within the meme coin category, cryptocurrencies have observed modest gains, indicating investors’ willingness to make speculative bets in this domain. Meanwhile, the Dogecoin price soared 0.40% to $0.08428 as of writing on December 2, while its trading volume fell 29% to $475.51 million. Additionally, the Shiba Inu price rose 0.61% to $0.00000841 during writing, and its volume from yesterday fell 56% to $104.22 million.

Meanwhile, despite mixed price movements among the major cryptos, the overall crypto market cap rose 1.13% from yesterday to $1.46 trillion. On the other hand, the total crypto volume jumped 4.31% over the last 24 hours to $46.75 billion. Notably, the crypto market fear and greed index increased to 72, suggesting growing confidence of the traders.

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The Top 4 Cryptos For Today Are

Pepe Coin Witnesses Slight Gains

The Pepe Coin experienced modest gains on December 2, as investors regained confidence in the crypto market, as witnessed by the recent high touched by Bitcoin on Saturday. Meanwhile, the Pepe Coin price was up 0.25% to $0.000001106 during writing, and its trading volume rose 13.79% to $45.78 million at the same time.

Pepe Coin Chart
Pepe Coin Chart

Beam Rises 15%

The Beam (BEAM) crypto was among the top movers in the crypto market on Saturday, suggesting that investors are increasing their focus on the crypto. As of writing on December 2, the BEAM price jumped 15.23% and traded at $0.01124, while its one-day volume skyrocketed 336.20% to $65.98 million. Notably, over the last seven days, the crypto has added nearly 31%.

BEAM Crypto Chart
BEAM Crypto Chart

Terra Classic (LUNC) Soars 14%

The Terra Classic price jumped 14.49% to $0.0001369 as of writing on December 2, reflecting the current bullish sentiment in the broader crypto market. However, crypto has been on the investors’ radar lately, as seen by a surge of nearly 83% in its price over the last seven days. Meanwhile, its trading volume from yesterday soared 189.76% to $349.76 million.

Terra Classic (LUNC) Chart
Terra Classic (LUNC) Chart

Stacks (STX) Jumps 13%

The Stacks crypto was another top gainer in the digital asset space on Saturday, gaining significant attention from the market participants. Meanwhile, the Stacks price was up 13.29% to $0.7961 as of writing on December 2, while its trading volume over the last 24 hours rocketed 118.03% to $141.36 million at the same time.

Stacks (STX) Crypto Chart
Stacks (STX) Crypto Chart

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