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CryptoDaily; Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, 0x, Binance, Bitmain; December 7, 2018

CryptoDaily; Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, 0x, Binance, Bitmain; December 7, 2018



Bitcoin ETF decision delayed by SEC; revised deadline set for late-February


According to an official document, by the United States, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) published on December 6, the top regulator has postponed its decision on the highly anticipated Bitcoin [BTC] Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF). The new deadline for the SEC decision is set to be February 27, 2019, so that the proposals for the rule change can be reviewed by regulatory authorities. Read more

Bitcoin Cash ABC proponents Bitmain and Ver sued for alleged hardfork manipulation


Roger Ver, Bitcoin.com, Bitmain and Kraken Bitcoin Exchange have been reportedly sued by United American Corp. (UnitedCorp). According to a press release published on December 6, the Florida-based UnitedCorp has filed a lawsuit against the proponents of Bitcoin Cash ABC [BCHABC], claiming that they engaged in hardfork manipulation during the November hashwar. Read more

San Francisco-based startup Blockstream announces the launch of Esplora


Blockstream has been at the forefront in cryptography and distributed systems for quite some time. In November, Blockstream announced the launch of Blockstream Explorer which was met with a lot of fanfare. And following that release, the blockchain company on Thursday announced the release of Esplora: the free and open source software that powers the site. This announcement was made by the company in its official blog. Read more

0x protocol launches “Instant” generator module


The permissionless protocol which allows for the trading of ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, 0x protocol has announced the release of ‘0x Instant’. It is a simple and easy way for developers and users to add token exchange functionality to a website or application. With just a few lines of code, customers can now add crypto purchasing seamlessly to any app or website. This news was made public by decentralized peer to peer exchange protocol for digital assets in a Medium blog on Thursday. Read more

MovoChain facilitates peer-to-peer transactions and purchases using BTC and BCH


MovoCash has announced that it is enabling Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash purchases powered and backed by the global Bitcoin payment service Bitpay. According to the press release, the patented technology called MovoChain enables consumers to convert Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash to cash which is instantly loaded onto an FDIC-insured digital card account for purchases online and peer-to-peer transactions. The new service is now available to anyone residing in the United States who has an email address or a phone number. Read more

Binance launches sub-account support for institutional clients


The biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance has been on a roll of late and there seems to be no stopping it. The exchange on Thursday announced the launch of the much-anticipated sub-account feature, which brings improved managerial control and asset audit tools to institutional account holders. As per the blog, this upgrade will serve entities looking to set up multiple trading accounts within one organization and control access on an account level. But the fact remains that the main account retains the sole control over all the sub-accounts and it controls the movements of the assets within the accounts. It also sets permissions and grants different access levels for up to 200 sub accounts. Read more

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