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David Sinclair, professor of genetics at Harvard, says humans could live for thousands of years

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Harvard University Professor David Sinslair Says Humans Can Live For Thousands Of Years Professor David Sinslair Said It Will Be Possible In The World Within Two Years May Reverse Washington
Human beings have always wanted to live long. People keep adopting different methods of doing this. Meanwhile, a Harvard University professor says humans can live for thousands of years and that it will be possible in just two years. Professor David Sinslair said the rat test has proven that aging can be reversed in the brain and other organs.

Professor David Sinslair said in a podcast: “We have discovered that an embryo is a gene that can be inserted into adult animals to regenerate age-related tissue. It takes 4-8 weeks to work well. He said, “You can take a blind mouse that can’t see because of old age. The neuron on the side of the brain is not functioning. If these neurons are reconstructed, this rat will become young and now he will be able to see again.

“Children should aim to live 100 years”
Harvard professor David, 52, said his research, published in December of last year, proved that there is a mechanism by which cells can be brought into puberty. Regarding Embryonic Genes, Professor David said that we are now using it to age the brains of mice that we have aged prematurely and are regaining their potential.

He said: “I am very optimistic that in less than two years we will start to study it on humans. When discussing the effect of modern drugs on increasing human life, the expert said that children born today should aim to live to 100 years. He said that human life has no maximum limit.