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Discussion about crypto tax/amounts calculator software

I need some suggestions from people who are using different softwares for calulating crypto ammounts for tax purposes, like first day of the year total ammount and last day. Of course one could use CMC or CoinGeko and take screenshots but I need some kind of report, for example Binance does this but obviously only for the ammount you keep on the exchange.

Right now the most accurate tracker I know it's Coinstats, the proble is they don't provide any report, they only redirect you to their partner CoinLedger which has pretty high prices and I'm not sure they will use the exact amounts calculet by Coinstats.

Here I am asking you to shill the the most reliable tax calculator software you know, even if it doesn't create the exact form that you have to subit to the tax office, I just need the amounts and someone who takes responsibility for those numbers accuracy.

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