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Eurex Witnesses 31% YoY Growth in Interest Rate Derivatives during July

Yesterday, Eurex reported its trading volumes for July 2022. During the mentioned period, Eurex saw strong growth in trading activity across different products including equity index derivatives and interest rate derivatives.

In July 2022, contracts related to equity index derivatives reached 61.4 million, which is 14% higher compared to the same period last year. Total repo volumes touched 197.6 billion EUR in the last month, compared to 125.8 billion EUR in July 2021.

“Total traded derivatives contracts at Eurex grew by 16 percent in July, from 110.4 million to 128.3 million compared to the same month last year. Interest rate derivatives showed the strongest year-on-year growth, up 31 percent from 38.5 million traded contracts to 50.4 million, while index derivatives grew by 14 percent, from 53.9 million traded contracts to 61.4 million. Total contracts traded in equity derivatives fell by 8 percent to 16.4 million,” Eurex highlighted.

In 2022, Eurex expanded its product offerings significantly. In February 2022, the exchange announced the addition of four new futures and two new options MSCI derivatives.

OTC Clearing

Across the OTC Clearing market, Eurex posted a substantial surge in overnight index swaps. Interest rate swaps, on the other hand, spiked approximately 28%.

“Outstanding notional volumes in OTC clearing continued to grow strong in July, rising overall by 32 percent year-on-year despite three successful compression runs this year. Overall outstanding volume stood at EUR 27,093 billion at the end of July compared to EUR 20,454 billion the year before – with interest rate swaps and overnight index swaps posting growth of 28 percent and 120 percent, respectively. Average daily cleared volumes increased by 43 percent overall, with interest rate swaps and overnight index swaps recording strong growth rates (+69 percent and +70 percent, respectively),” Eurex added in the recent announcement.

This article was written by Bilal Jafar at www.financemagnates.com.