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Executive Order On Border? Biden Team Freaks Out, Mulls Desperate Pre-Election Hail Mary

Executive Order On Border? Biden Team Freaks Out, Mulls Desperate Pre-Election Hail Mary

After reversing former President Donald Trump's Executive Actions on border security his first day in office, resulting in a staggering 10 million illegals pouring into the United States, the Biden administration is panicking ahead of the November election - and may issue an executive order to stem the tide and be able to claim he did something about the problem he 100% created.

According to Axios - writing on the Biden administration's general panic surrounding the 2024 election:

  • "Everyone around him is well aware — well aware — of the need to jack this campaign up," a source close to Biden said. "The only way to deal with the negative aftershocks of the special counsel's report [slamming Biden's age] is for the president to be out there, to be visible — to be strong of presence and strong of voice."

  • One bold move that Biden has considered, we're told, is an executive order that would dramatically stanch the record flow of migrants into the Southwest. This could even happen in the two weeks before the address, allowing Biden to say he took action while Republicans just talk.

Oh - so all that 'we've gotta give $60 billion to Ukraine to fix our own border' was complete bullshit after all.

NBC News has more on this - reporting that the actions, "which are still weeks away from finalization," would allow asylum officers to raise the standards they use in their "credible fear reviews," the first screening given to those claiming asylum and are trying to avoid deportation for crossing into the US illegally.

ICE would also be able to prioritize recently arrived migrants for deportation in a "last in, first out" policy.

Migrants arrive in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, to cross the border into the United States, in 2023. David Peinado Romero / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images file

Recall that for two full years after Biden 'opened' the borders and invited millions of people into the country, nobody on the left had a problem until Republican governors began busing migrants into blue 'sanctuary cities' - overloading them, and infuriating urban black communities - a key demographic whose votes Democrats rely on every four years in between forgetting about them.

And after finally admitting there's a major problem, the next ruse Democrats (and RINOs) tried to pull on the American public is that the border 'can't be fixed without Congressional action' - a complete lie, since it can be fixed via executive order.

Watch Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) get shut down by a former immigration judge on just that:

Rep. Dan Goldman tried to trip up a former immigration judge.

Spoiler: It did not go as planned. pic.twitter.com/01BNhXkv5D

— Oversight Committee (@GOPoversight) February 15, 2024

Meanwhile the head of the Border Patrol's union told Dr. Phil that all Biden needs to do is let them do their jobs.

Dr. Phil Reveals Stunning Testimony from Border Control Union Head

This will make you furious.

According to Brandon Judd, the southern border doesn’t need more money, more agents, or even new legislation.

No, he says the only thing that’s required at the southern border is for… pic.twitter.com/kKlRkKl13a

— The Vigilant Fox ???? (@VigilantFox) February 21, 2024

Did we mention what a douche this guy is?

Democrat Rep. Dan Goldman starts arguing an Angel Mom — whose daughter was killed from fentanyl trafficked across the open border — after she disagrees with him: "Excuse me, I'm asking the questions!"

What an absolute disgrace. pic.twitter.com/uiKjPpwTe2

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) January 19, 2024


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