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Hardware wallet replacement solution

As I understand, the hardware wallet has two main purpose: 1. Self custody bitcoin without being online aka use as a cold wallet 2. Approve sell/move out transactions without going online.

Now, I see many may be interested only in point 1, where people going to hodl for few years/decade before they sell. They still buy a hardware wallet for this purpose alone. Why not we have a replacement solution for this?

I am thinking of something like a bank outlet, Thompson/prometric exam center, where I can book a time slot of 30 mins. This will be a secured environment with no one around, no cameras. There will be a kiosk which is not connected to the internet. I can go, generate my seed and come back home. Pay a price of $10. The app associated will generate public addresses and I can move my stash anytime and everytime.

Is something like this already there? What drawbacks can this have? I have given a few below:

  1. Some user may book it and install a spy camera to get other's seeds (Solution: Security checks, like phones and cameras are not allowed in prometric today, when we go to write an exam).

  2. People coming out may get a $5 wrench attack. (Solution: we don't move out our stack there. We only generate seed. We can move it later on when we are back home)

  3. Not worth the risk for $70 savings (compared to ledger nano s+). If we are going long, this 70 bucks will not hurt much. - true, this can't be refuted. But if we are going for mass adoption, not all can have a ledger device. So this may not be correct now, but may be useful in future.

Any other drawbacks? Does it sound very stupid?

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