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Is there an Ethereum MTurk?

Hi ethereum community,

I’m not a very tech savvy person, but I was wondering if there was any way I could help the space. Technical specifications on quadratic sharping? Forget about it... but maybe simpler things: spell-checking white papers, testing a smart contract or website UX, voting in polls and surveys, etc.

Small jobs for small change, you know?

[Amazon MTurk](www.mturk.com) has been doing this for a while using traditional means and charging up to 20% fees. Is there a project in the crypto space that is working on something like this? It seems like a great use case for blockchain... perhaps you could gamify it as well, letting workers level up as they complete more jobs, or more complex jobs. The people posting jobs could review the worker’s effort and determine if it meets the criteria for payout. If so, great, the smart contract pays out. If not, the worker is out a few gwei. No need for 3rd-party arbiters of justice who decide if the work met the criteria. That adds unnecessary complexity. Instead, just publicize the payout ratio of each job-poster next to the job rate. Let workers decide if they want to take a job for 5 dai but with a sub-50% payout ratio.

So, yeah, tl:dr is there a smart-contract driven small jobs market?

Thanks all

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