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KX and ExeQution Analytics Team Up for Trading Analytics Solutions

a strategic partnership, KX, known for its vector-native, real-time, and
high-volume time series data analytics, has teamed up with ExeQution Analytics,
a trading analytics company. Together, they aim to develop trading analytics by
using a framework based on the kdb+ time series database. This framework,
covering different aspects of the trading process, merges KX's high-speed,
performant time series technology with ExeQution's experience, offering insights
into trading data.

Demand for Efficient Trading Analysis in Finance

financial industry faces escalating costs, rapidly increasing data volumes, and
complex market microstructures, raising the stakes for institutions. Despite
these challenges, there is a growing expectation for efficient trading

The new framework aims to address these needs, providing customized
analytics and dashboards that identify opportunities to optimize trading

in q, the powerful KX vector language, the custom ExeQution analytics framework
analyzes data at scale and speed. It enables data scientists, electronic
traders, and engineers to deploy a library of advanced analytics, unlocking the
potential of market data. This insight allows financial institutions to understand
market microstructure, optimize algorithmic trading, and improve overall
performance across their trading operations.

Reddy, CEO of KX, said: "Combining the power of KX technology with the
proven framework from ExeQution Analytics offers the market a more
comprehensive and effective analytics platform at a critical time." He
emphasized the increasing demand for understanding trading behaviors and
achieving execution performance in the market landscape.

Turley, CEO of ExeQution Analytics, highlighted the importance of adapting to learning-based
trading models. She noted: "In partnership with KX, ExeQution Analytics
has brought to bear a powerful technology that provides financial institutions
with greater insight into market microstructure and trading patterns through
custom analytics and visualizations."

Expands Collaboration with KX

an earlier report, Finance Magnates
wrote that Cryptocurrency
liquidity provider B2C2
, owned by Japan's SBI Holdings, had broadened its
collaboration with KX, a provider of database and analytics engines, to enhance
trading analytics and extend its offerings.

KX's high-performance and real-time analytics solutions, including the KX Dashboards visualization
tool, B2C2 aims to provide institutional clients with services comparable to
those offered by traditional T1 investment banks. KX's analytics technology,
built on its proprietary kdb+ solution, enables B2C2 to process vast amounts of
data in real-time, crucial for timely decision-making in the digital asset

This article was written by Tareq Sikder at www.financemagnates.com.