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Launching Multis to support the Web3 community as a whole

Web3 companies are having a hard time getting banked, since banks are refusing to onboard them under money laundering suspicions.

We created Multis, a service dedicated to offering banking services to Web3 Native Companies (Off-ramp/On-ramp/USD Account/Credit Cards/Accounting) on Ethereum and Polygon for now (more chains to come) as well as a Gnosis Safe Multisig Wallet to secure their crypto assets.

Our current user base includes Axie Infinity, Teller, The Sandbox and Audius for instance.

I'm reaching you guys today because we need your support for our launch on ProductHunt. This could help us gain more visibility and help more startups that are starting in this ecosystem. Any support from you guys on our product hunt launch help would mean the world to us.

Thank you guys from the bottom of our heart.

Anthony & the whole multis team.

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