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Liability car insurance is required by state law, and the minimums vary depending on where you live

State Minimum Car Insurance

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If you're involved in an accident, liability insurance covers any damage you cause to the other vehicle, driver, and its passengers. Liability car insurance is required by state law, but the exact coverage requirements and minimums vary by state.

Types of liability insurance

The two main components of liability insurance are bodily injury and property damage, which most states require. Liability insurance also includes uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist.

Uninsured motorists have no insurance, but underinsured motorists have some insurance but not enough to cover damages. Some states require both uninsured and underinsured coverage. 

Types of liability coverage Definition
Bodily injury (BI) Injury you cause to others, includes medical expenses, lost wages, and funeral expenses
Property damage (PD) Damage you cause to others' vehicle or property
Uninsured motorist (UM) Protects you when an at-fault driver hits you with no insurance
Underinsured motorist (UIM) Protects you when an at-fault driver hits you with not enough coverage

Minimum car liability insurance requirements by state

If you're involved in an accident, liability insurance covers damage you cause to the other vehicle, driver, and its passengers. Below is a list of state minimum requirements from the Insurance Information Institute (III).

Coverage minimums are listed with numbers and slashes. For example, a 50/100/50 policy would cover up to $50,000 of injury protection for each person involved in an accident, up to $100,000 worth of injuries per incident, and up to $50,000 of property damages per incident. 

State Required liability insurance Minimum liability
Alabama Bodily/Property 25/50/25
Alaska Bodily/Property 50/100/25
Arizona Bodily/Property 15/30/10
Arkansas Bodily/Property/Personal 25/50/25
California Bodily/Property 15/30/5
Colorado Bodily/Property 25/50/15
Connecticut Bodily/Property/Uninsured/Underinsured 25/50/20
Delaware Bodily/Property/Personal 25/50/10
D.C. Bodily/Property/Uninsured 25/50/10
Florida Property/Personal 10/20/10
Georgia Bodily/Property 25/50/25
Hawaii Bodily/Property/Personal 20/40/10
Idaho Bodily/Property 25/50/15
Illinois Bodily/Property/Uninsured/Underinsured 25/50/20
Indiana Bodily/Property 25/50/25
Iowa Bodily/Property 20/40/15
Kansas Bodily/Property/Personal 25/50/25
Kentucky Bodily/Property/Personal/Uninsured/Underinsured 25/50/25
Louisiana Bodily/Property 15/30/25
Maine Bodily/Property/Uninsured/Underinsured/Medpay 50/100/25
Maryland Bodily/Property/Uninsured/Underinsured/Medpay 50/100/25
Massachusetts Bodily/Property/Personal 20/40/5
Michigan Bodily/Property/Personal 20/40/10
Minnesota Bodily/Property/Personal/Uninsured/Underinsured 30/60/10
Mississippi Bodily/Property 25/50/25
Missouri Bodily/Property/Uninsured 25/50/25
Montana Bodily/Property 25/50/20
Nebraska Bodily/Property/Uninsured/Underinsured 25/50/25
Nevada Bodily/Property 25/50/20
New Hampshire Financial Responsibility 25/50/25
New Jersey Bodily/Property/Personal/Uninsured/Underinsured 15/30/5
New Mexico Bodily/Property 25/50/10
New York Bodily/Property/Personal/Uninsured/Underinsured 25/50/10
North Carolina Bodily/Property/Uninsured/Underinsured 30/60/25
North Dakota Bodily/Property/Personal/Uninsured/Underinsured 25/50/25
Ohio Bodily/Property 25/50/25
Oklahoma Bodily/Property 25/50/25
Oregon Bodily/Property/Personal/Uninsured/Underinsured 25/50/20
Pennsylvania Bodily/Property/Personal 15/30/5
Rhode Island Bodily/Property 25/50/25
South Carolina Bodily/Property/Uninsured/Underinsured 25/50/25
South Dakota Bodily Property/Uninsured/Underinsured 25/50/25
Tennessee Bodily/Property 25/50/15
Texas Bodily/Property/Personal 30/60/25
Utah Bodily/Property/Personal 25/65/15
Vermont Bodily/Property/Uninsured/Underinsured 25/50/10
Virginia Bodily/Property/Uninsured/Underinsured 25/50/20
Washington Bodily/Property 25/50/10
West Virginia Bodily/Property/Uninsured/Underinsured 25/50/25
Wisconsin Bodily/Property/Uninsured/Medpay 25/50/10
Wyoming Bodily/Property 25/50/20

The different types of car insurance coverage

There are three main types of car insurance: liability, comprehensive, and collision. Full car coverage is a mixture of all three offering complete coverage for your car that includes liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage.

Damage Comprehensive Collision Liability* Full
Theft Yes No No Yes
Vandalism Yes No No Yes
Fire Yes No No Yes
Natural disaster Yes No No Yes
Falling objects (tree) Yes No No Yes
Animal damage Yes No No Yes
Collision/accident No Yes No Yes
Rollover No Yes No Yes
Bodily injury/medical bills No No Yes Yes
Physical damage No No Yes Yes
Property damage No No Yes Yes
Uninsured motorist No No Yes Yes

*Most states require some type of liability coverage

Ronda Lee is an associate editor for insurance at Personal Finance Insider covering life, auto, homeowners, and renters insurance for consumers. She is also a licensed attorney who practiced litigation and insurance defense.

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