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Next Bitcoin Bull Run Will Be First Cycle Supported By Established Financial Firms

During the last Bitcoin bull run and crypto hype bubble peak, the industry struggled to keep up with the overwhelming demand. Exchanges had no choice but to shut down new user registrations, and new user accounts began being sold on the black market for full Bitcoins as eager retail investors scrambled to buy into the altcoin mania at the close of 2017.

After a brutal bear market, Bitcoin is starting to find its footing once again, and is showing the early signs that the next bull market could be underway. But unlike the last time around, this cycle will be the first ever bull run where more established financial businesses will be supporting Bitcoin, exposing the asset to even more investors and capital than in the past.

The Largest Financial Firms in the World Are Ready for The Next Bitcoin Bull Run

The last crypto hype bubble was highly publicized and showed the world just a glimpse of what potential Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency industry means for the future of money and finance.

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The emerging financial technology garnered the attention and support of most major businesses, who are just now starting to either develop or roll out their crypto-based products and services to clients, or investing in building platforms for future use cases.

Those building & investing in crypto:

– Fidelity
– Nasdaq
– Yale
– Harvard
– Fairfax County Pension
– Founders Fund
– Union Square
– Amazon
– JPMorgan
– Starbucks
– a16z
– Facebook

Are you going to bet against the most successful companies & investors in the world?

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