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Octant joining forces with Diva Staking to drive impact to staking landscape and public goods funding.

Really excited to share some big news: Octant and Diva Staking are joining forces forces to rebalance the staking landscape, fostering regenerative public goods financing and effective decentralization.

We've seen a lot of conversation happening about the current Ethereum staking ecosystem, centered around a worrying trend: the top three pools control over 50% of the staking power. 91% of this is either permissioned or centralized, leaving just 9% for decentralized options. As for on-chain LST dynamics, Lido dominates with 85%. The picture is clear: there’s an urgent need for new alternatives.

This collaboration is set to broaden Octant's scope by incorporating Diva's Liquid Staking approach. It will enable more accessibility to participation in Ethereum's staking ecosystem in a decentralized manner. This is because with Diva anyone can run a node with 1 ETH.

Additionally this collaboration aims to enhance Octant's ability to fund public goods. By integrating Diva Staking's advanced mechanisms, Octant aims to create more impactful and efficient channels for directing staking rewards towards vital community projects and initiatives.

Really looking forward to seeing where these two projects go together!

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