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Pennsylvania Town Gets New Bitcoin ATM

Horsham Township in Pennsylvania is being gifted with a new bitcoin ATM, thus ensuring all residents there have access to the growing digital currency arena.

Horsham Township Gets Its Own Bitcoin ATM

The machine is being set up at a Sunoco gas station located at 300 Easton Road in Horsham Township. It will be available to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Transactions are quick and easy, and users are not required to register themselves as official users of the ATM. They can utilize its services on the go without providing sensitive information.

The ATM is being offered by a company called Hippo Kiosks, which states on its website:

We strive to provide the best customer service and bring a bitcoin ATM to every neighborhood! We are happy to connect with local businesses interested in bitcoin and bitcoin ATM operations.

Horsham Township is an area very few people have heard of. As a member of rural or middle America, the region is not big like Los Angeles or New York, so the fact that it’s getting a new bitcoin ATM suggests the crypto space is growing like it never has before. Several people out there – whether they be from small or giant communities – are eager to get involved in the crypto space and begin trading accordingly.

This is a testament to how solid the space is despite the current bear conditions its facing and falling prices. Right now, assets like bitcoin – the world’s number one digital currency by market cap – have lost more than 70 percent from their all-time highs, many of which were achieved in November of last year. During that month, for example, BTC was trading at a whopping $68,000 per unit, though now, the currency has dropped into the low $19K range. It’s a sad and ugly sight to see.

Furthermore, the digital currency space has lost more than $2 trillion in valuation, and the industry is crashing like it never has before.

The Industry Keeps Getting Bigger

Happy Kiosks is based in the Lehigh Valley. Thus far, the company has brought several bitcoin-based ATMs to a variety of regions in the state of Pennsylvania. With this latest machine, the company is continuing what appears to be an expanding reputation as the Keystone State’s number one provider of bitcoin and crypto ATMs.

One of the good things about the new machine is that it will not require individuals to purchase entire bitcoin units, thus making it perfect for individuals looking to simply get their start in the space. By buying portions here and there, their comfort levels can grow, and they can potentially begin to edge their way deeper into the industry, thus bringing it more mainstream attention and appeal.

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