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Russia-Turkey relations NATO’s effect in Europe: why there are tensions between Russia and Turkey

Turkey has released its high-speed missile-like drone amid continued US tension. This drone can be launched from any major drone. The great thing is that this missile-like drone is equipped with a deadly warhead. Therefore, if he is seen as a target, he can cause huge damage when hitting himself with him. This deadly drone made by Turkish aerospace company is called SimSec. This new weapon from Turkey has increased the concern not only of America but also of Russia.

America’s growing concern
The whole world is aware of the conflict between Turkey and America. After purchasing the S-400 missile system from Russia, the United States imposed several severe sanctions on the Turkish defense industry. Second, Turkey and Russia are patrolling Syria and Iraq together. For this reason, there are tensions between Turkey and America. It’s not that Turkey has a very good relationship with Moscow by patrolling Syria and Iraq together and buying Russian weapons.

Turkish struggles with Moscow too
Turkey had opposed Putin days earlier when the Russian army had gathered on the Ukrainian border. Ukraine and Turkey are both members of the US-led military alliance, NATO. When tensions with Russia escalated, Turkey offered to deliver deadly drones to Ukraine. The Russian Foreign Ministry also expressed strong opposition to the Turkish ambassador on this matter. Now that Turkey is building a new drone, Russia’s concern is not to sell this drone to enemy countries.

Can destroy a target 200 km away
Turkish Aerospace CEO Temple Kotil told CNN in an interview about the drone last month. This drone can carry up to five kilograms of explosives. Not only that, after being launched from a UAV, it can fly at a distance of 100-200 kilometers. He also said his arms industry can manufacture 100 Simsec drones every year.

Can fly at a speed of 740 km / h
SimSec has a turbojet engine, which gives this drone a lot of speed. Construction of this drone started in 2009. The designers of this drone wanted to build it as a high speed weapon that could destroy enemy air defense systems on land and at sea. This drone is capable of flying at high speed. speed of 740 kilometers per hour. Not only that, it can fly at altitudes of 1,000 to 15,000 feet.