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Saxo Bank's Client Assets Surpass $100b, Quintuple in 5 Years

Saxo Bank,
a global financial service provider, has announced that it has amassed over $100
billion in assets. This development marks a significant milestone in the bank's
history, indicating its client deposits and numbers growth. This growth has
occurred despite the current challenging macroeconomic environment.

Saxo Bank Reaches Historic

Since its
inception more than thirty years ago, Saxo Bank has witnessed significant
expansion in its client assets. The journey to amassing $20 billion in client
assets spanned over 25 years, and yet, the bank was able to quintuple this
amount to over $100 billion in just a five-year period.

Saxo Bank's
growth has been partly driven by its distinctive strategy of promptly
transferring the advantages of central bank rate hikes to its customers. In
contrast to many of its competitors, Saxo Bank ensures that clients instantly
benefit from heightened interest rates on their idle cash. This strategy aids
clients in fine-tuning their investment plans in response to evolving market

on the bank's achievement, Saxo Bank's Founder and CEO, Kim Fournais, stated
that the milestone showcases the bank's ability to support its growing client
base and navigate difficult markets.

remain fully dedicated to further investing in improving the client experience
to empower our clients with the knowledge, resources, and guidance needed to
thrive in today's challenging economic environment and work towards reaching
their financial goals," Fournais added.

He noted
that clients have continued to trust the bank with a larger share of their
wealth, using the bank's services for interest rates on deposits, asset
management solutions, and trading platforms.

Saxo Bank is in the process of being designated a Systemically Important
Financial Institution (SIFI) by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority
(FSA). This designation is given to financial institutions that are considered
critical to the financial system's functioning.

In addition
to its recent milestone, Saxo Bank has also received a BBB rating with a positive
outlook from S&P Global Ratings. This is the first rating report for the

Saxo Bank Reports Volatile

After Saxo
Bank's FX volumes in March turned out to be the highest since March 2020,
reaching a level of $155 billion, April saw a sharp reversal and a decrease of
34% to $102.8 billion. This was the weakest result since December 2021.

In April,
Saxo Bank saw decreased trading across commodities, equities, and fixed
income on its platforms. This drop contributed to a 34% reduction in the
overall volume of the Danish online trading and investment services provider,
bringing it down to $318.7 billion.

Earlier in
the year, the Denmark-based investment bank, known for its focus on online
trading and investment, released its 2022 annual report. It revealed a 6%
decrease in net profit, landing at DKK 711 million, a dip from DKK 755 million
in 2021. Saxo Bank's client assets also experienced a 9% fall, landing at DKK
584 billion, a decline influenced by adverse trends in the global equity
markets throughout 2022.

This article was written by Damian Chmiel at www.financemagnates.com.