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SEC Still Wasting Court Time, Accuses Ripple Lawyer

ripple vs sec Summary Judgement

Ripple and the defendants in the crucial lawsuit against the US SEC claimed that the commission is seeking to restart the discovery process. However, the watchdog has filed its response to this assertion.

SEC files reply to Ripple’s request

Attorney Jame Filan informed that the SEC submitted a one line response to the court. The commission says that it takes no position on Ripple’s request to reopen fact discovery in order to serve non party subpoena.

Defendants made efforts to enforce judge Netburn’s ruling over the authentication of videos that holds SEC officials’ remarks. Filan mentioned that Ripple requested that these subpoenas seek permission to serve evidence. It is not a request to open discovery.

The letter mentioned that this appeal relates back to RFAs Ripple served before the end of fact discovery. It is needed to effectuate Judge’s order ahead.

Attorney Filan slammed the SEC’s response to the request. He wrote that this letter is an abuse of the judicial process. However, it is a waste of the court’s time.

He mentioned that the SEC waited for around five days just to file a one sentence response. In this letter, the commission even misconstructed Ripple’s original request.

Is Watchdog wasting time?

Ripple has been objecting and claiming that the SEC is using different tactics to delay the outcome of the vital lawsuit. Earlier, the commission presented different assertions over Hinman’s speech and related documents. However, Court smashed the SEC’s claims on the speech and asked to present it for in-camera review.

Filan also informed that both parties have filed a request for a briefing schedule for the motion to seal parts of their reply. This will include motions to exclude expert testimony. He mentioned that everything that will be filed will remain under the seal until Judge Torres draws conclusions on it.

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