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[SERIOUS] Why aren't paid spokepersons like Kevin O'Leary or Bitboy forced to pay back users who listened to them - after they took payments to promote a scam?

Edit: For those saying "personal responsibility" - you're ignoring the fact that O'Leary was paid $15M to use his massive amount of influence to sell other people a scam. He wouldn't have been paid $15M if SBF didn't think he could get people to sign up. It's not just a random friend telling you why they like FTX - it's someone being paid $15M to repeatedly shill you a ponzi scheme.

Kevin O'Leary gets paid $15M to promote FTX through FTT tokens. Regardless if that money is lost or not, he was a paid spokesperson - and people were listening to him. Some of those peoples lives are now ruined.

Being a spokesperson means he holds some level of responsibility for taking payments and getting people to invest in the SBF Ponzi scheme. Plenty of people lost money because of him, and he should be responsible for it.

Instead of holding any responsibility, he now gets to act like a victim who didn't get paid for getting people to sign up for a Ponzi scheme.

Imagine if Kevin O'Leary or any other Youtube were held to some sort of liability for promoting something that turned out to be a scam/fraud. The whole crypto scene would be so much cleaner.

TLDR: Kevin O'Leary should be forced to pay back people who lost money who he convinced to sign up for the FTX Ponzi scheme. He holds responsibility for the situation as a paid spokesperson and face of the company. I don't care if the FTT he received is now worthless. The dude contributed to ruining the lives of the people who listened to him.

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