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Shiba Inu Lead Unveils BONE Use Case In Layer 3 Blockchain

Shiba Inu Lead Unveils BONE Use Case In Layer 3 Blockchain

In a recent statement addressing concerns within the Shiba Inu (SHIB) community, Lucie, the marketing lead, reaffirmed the significance of both Bone Shibaswap (BONE) and Treat (TREAT) tokens in the evolving ecosystem. Amid speculation surrounding the utility of BONE after Shiba Inu’s Layer 3 (L3) launch, Lucie dismissed notions of it being useless. Moreover, she emphasized its integral role alongside TREAT.

Treat & Bone’s Use Case In Layer 3 Blocka

Highlighting the distinct functionalities of each token, Lucie elaborate on TREAT’s emergence as the ecosystem reward token. She noted that Treat is designed to incentivize participation. Hence, users staking or engaging in pools with Shiba Inu stand to earn free TREAT tokens.

Such incentives are aimed at fostering community engagement and boosting the ecosystem’s sustainability. Moreover, TREAT’s dual functionality as a governance and gas token on L3 positions it as a versatile asset. In addition, it offers users both voting rights and facilitating transactions within the Layer 3 blockchain.

Addressing concerns over the fate of BONE in light of L3 implementation, Lucie drew an apt analogy. She likened its relationship to L2 to a finger adorned with a ring. Additionally, the marketing lead underscored that BONE powers Shibarium L2 while TREAT governs L3. Moreover, Lucie explained on the complementary nature of both tokens, underscoring their collective importance in driving the ecosystem forward.

In response to queries regarding the potential redundancy of BONE following L3’s rollout, Lucie unequivocally stated that both tokens would remain relevant. She emphasized that the L3 blockchain would utilize both BONE and TREAT. Shiba Inu’s L3 is poised to build upon the infrastructure laid by L2. Hence, Lucie’s assurance instills confidence in the continued utility and value proposition of BONE.

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Treat Rallies Ahead Of L3 Launch

Shiba Inu ecosystem’s Treat crypto rallied over 22% today as the hype around L3 intensified. At press time, the Treat crypto price surged 22.20% to $0.00127 with a market cap of $4.23 million on Tuesday, April 23. Meanwhile, it’s 24-hour trade volume skyrocketed 212.04% to $75,021.

However, as skepticism grew around BONE’s future, its value dropped drastically. The Bone ShibaSwap price was down by 5.46% to $0.6719 at the time of writing. In addition, the BONE trading volume plunged 16.68% to $9.89 million in the last 24 hours. Furthermore, BONE attained a low of $0.6638 today.

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