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SlowMist Founder Shares Key Tips on Wallet Signature Security


In a recent contribution to the discourse on digital asset protection, Yu Xian, the founder of cybersecurity firm SlowMist and better known by his social media alias ‘Mr. Cos’, has cast a spotlight on the critical subject of wallet signature security. With a surge in the interest and use of cryptocurrencies, the security of digital wallets has become a paramount concern for users worldwide. 

Xian’s insights come at a time when the digital currency community is earnestly seeking reliable information to safeguard their investments against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

Education Resources and Tools for Superior Security

Comprehending the intricacies of securing digital assets, Mr. Fos has suggested the empowerment of users through education and specialized tools. He has directed his followers to plenty of sources of information, which are his posts at the social platform X and the complete guide that calls “DarkHandBook”, available on GitHub. These resources are intended to provide users with the information and tools required to manage the complex realm of wallet signature security.


– X/Twitter 里搜索「签名 from:@evilcos」或其他你感兴趣的关键词即可找到我历史谈过的推文
– 在我黑手册扩展阅读里搜索“签名”两个字,可以看到历史我谈论关于签名安全的推文:https://t.co/qKEy43DDr8

— Cos(余弦)????‍????️ (@evilcos) March 2, 2024

As well as self-education, Xian has proposed using security extensions for browser wallets such as Scam Sniffer, Pocket Universe, and Wallet Guard. Rabby Wallet is perfect for mobile users because of its user-friendly design and strong security. Higher security is added by the introduction of hardware wallets such as Keystone, OneKey, and imKey, which by the same token are supported by computer browser extensions.

Prevention of Phishing Attack

The analysis of the abundance of phishing scams in social platforms by SlowMist serves to expose the need to implement robust security measures. Xian proposes an integrated methodology that brings together several instruments and practices to make an intertwined defense network. This incorporates the coupling of digital wallets with compatible security technologies like TokenPocket and KeyPal, and MetaMask with Keystone, to refine the overall security stance.

Being a proponent of the importance of continuous learning and the formation of critical perception, Xian claims that users can considerably lessen their susceptivity to scams. His attempt to stress the need not to concentrate on financial benefits but to educate on safety was in line with a society that is interested to secure their investments in the face of looming cyber threats.

War on Crypto Scams

The SlowMist’s research of social platform X brings out the tendency that more than 80% comments under crypto project posts are related to phishing scams. This worrying figure shallows the advanced tactics that the scammers are deploying including the purchase and manipulation of accounts to support their fraudulent activities.

The cybersecurity community, pioneered by Yu Xian, as a result of these challenges, develops and advocates strategies to counter these threats. A set of recommended practices and tools utilized by an informed and careful user base are considered to be the strongest line of defense against the constantly updated terrain of cyber threats to digital assets.

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