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"They're Saying The Quiet Part Out Loud": Tucker And Massie Slam Additional Ukraine Funds For 'War They Cannot Win'

"They're Saying The Quiet Part Out Loud": Tucker And Massie Slam Additional Ukraine Funds For 'War They Cannot Win'

With the Biden administration pushing a $106 billion aid package to primarily fund war in Ukraine and Israel, Tucker Carlson sat down with Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) on Tuesday, where they discussed the push by establishment lawmakers for more Ukraine funding despite it being a 'war they cannot win.'

When asked why, Massie explained that the military-industrial complex thrives on the sale of "deadly munitions," which enriches shareholders, "some of whom are congressmen."

"But you gotta wonder like, why is the leadership of your party, the Republican party, in favor of this? Why the new speaker — seems like a nice guy but also like a child — why would his first act as speaker be to endorse this? I’m confused," said Carlson.

To which Massie replied: "Well, I hope he doesn’t. But you know, Biden’s budget director, the head of the OMB sent a letter yesterday to Speaker Mike Johnson, imploring him to spend more money in Ukraine. And what they said is they want to revitalize our defense industrial base."

"And they sent a list of states that would get money when we spend, you know, money on deadly munitions because they have to be manufactured in Alabama or Ohio or Texas," Massie continued. "And so, you know, they’re saying the quiet part out loud that congressmen tend to vote for this stuff because a lot of this federal spending that goes to Ukraine is actually laundered back to the military-industrial complex. And in some ways, not very efficiently, but in some ways, it enriches people in their districts and the stockholders, some of whom are congressmen."

The two also discussed US Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and her influence in Ukraine, with Carlson calling her "the single most consequential voice" in the Ukraine debate.

(Nuland's husband, Robert Kagan, notably penned a 'Trump Dictator' piece in the Washington Post last week)

Carlson notes that she was a "driving force behind the war in Iraq, which was of course a disaster and hurt the United States," and now "she has far more influence on it than the entire United States Congress put together."

"How do we allow unelected lunatics like 'Toria Nuland who clearly hates the United States, and always has, to have this power over our lives and our childrens' future?"

To which Massie replied: "I don't know I feel like some of these deep State bureaucrats they're like the kids who had no friends in high school and somebody did something bad to them long ago. And now they've got some power, and they realize how to grab it, and they're gonna have retribution on everybody else."

As the Daily Caller notes, Carlson then asked if the people advocating for more war have ever apologized for "the killing of an entire" generation of Ukrainians who are fighting a "war they cannot win."

"That’s all so grotesque, but it’s also straightforward. You know, people are getting rich, so let’s do it. Okay — that’s an argument. It’s an immoral argument but it is one. But that’s not the argument they’re making in public. They’re saying we have a moral obligation."

"You’re a bad person, you just heard the national security advisor say it, you’re a bad person if you’re against this. But no one ever mentions that we have abetted the killing of an entire generation of Ukrainian men that will not be replaced. To fight a war that they cannot win." -Tucker Carlson

Carlson also pointed out that the Biden administration "prevented a peace deal and we extended the war, and we killed all these people," adding "And so all the ones running around with their little Ukraine flag pins, they’re implicated in that. Has anyone apologized?"

To which Massie replied, "No, to support this money you have to be economically illiterate and morally deficient."


Ep. 45 How could Washington possibly send tens of billions more to sleazy oligarchs in Ukraine now that the whole enterprise has been revealed as a fruitless, corrupt and incredibly destructive disaster? Because that’s what they always do. pic.twitter.com/Cn6SMHcqcr

— Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) December 5, 2023

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