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This is 'Six ordinary days', by Neus Ballús


Valero, Moha and Pep are three workers in a small plumbing and electricity company on the outskirts of Barcelona. And they have become movie stars thanks to Neus Ballús and his Six ordinary days: Mohamed Mellali and Valero Escolar won the award for best male performer ex aequo in the last Locarno contest ( Switzerland) in August. Six Running Days is made up of six chapters, each one corresponding to one day of his botched work week, as Moha is on trial to replace Pep. His award is the end of a two-year trip: Ballús chose them from more than 1. 000 plumbers, and lived with them during those two years, meeting at least once a week to rehearse and give improvisation classes.

The feature film, in which the director explores again in depth from the everyday, also won the Europa Cinemas Label in Locarno, delivered by a jury of exhibitors choosing the best European film, plus a special mention from the young jury. In Switzerland, Ballús explained: “I wanted to talk about these prejudices that we activate and that make us judge someone immediately. My father is a plumber and he used to tell me many of the daily situations that he lived through. Through them I realized that, in certain circumstances, in very brief and intense encounters like yours, certain prejudices are useful because they save time. You speak to a housewife in one way and to an old man in another, he explained to me. But this energy saving has led us to a non-existence of the relationship between different people ”. The film opens on December 3 and here is an exclusive trailer for it.