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Top Crypto Gainers Of The Day

Top Crypto Gainers Of The Day

March is ending in just two days and will be marked as one of the best months for the crypto market. It is because, throughout the month, most cryptocurrencies followed a bullish trend where Bitcoin and many altcoins created new all-time high values. In this blog, let’s discuss the best-performing cryptocurrencies and choose the top crypto gainers for the day. 

What Are The Crypto Gainers For Today?

According to CoinmarketCap, for today’s top crypto gainers list, we have dogwifhat, Bitcoin Cash, Celestia, Litecoin, and Ethereum Classic. 

dogwifhat (WIF)

Being a meme coin, dogwifhat is still ranked 14th based on the trading volume data. WIF’s trading volume is up by 85% in just a day, pushing the value to $1,064,631,769, whereas the market cap of the token is at $3,648,421,420 after a 16.42% hike. 

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Not only this, but the dogwifhat has set a new all-time high record of $4.01 just a few hours ago. Though the price has dropped a little, it is currently at $3.63. It is continuously maintaining its place in the top crypto gainers list. 

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash has surged to a year high today with a value of $630.06 after a 10% hike in just a day. Throughout this whole month, BCH prices were continuously following an uptrend, where it has surged by 103%. It is currently ranked 14th for its market cap with $12,401,028,260 in value. BCH has a trading volume of $1,390,913,171, which has declined from yesterday. 

Celestia (TIA)

Celestia is just 27% away from its all-time high value of $20.91 after a 10% hike today, pushing the value to $15.29. TIA was following a downtrend for the last 15 days and finally managed to get a grip today. Its market cap is at $2,665,123,704 after an 11% hike, whereas the trading volume is $197,698,393 after a 6.95% hike. 

Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin has created a new weekly peak with the present value of $103.32 after a 7.86% hike today. It was performing well on the charts before falling a few days earlier. Litecoin’s market cap has surged 8%, pushing the value to $7,685,094,779, with the trading volume of $1,058,349,543 after a 28% hike. 

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Ethereum Classic (ETC)

The last in the crypto gainers list for today is Ethereum Classic. It is trading at $34.64 after a 7.89% in the last 24 hours, denoting the biggest peak of the weak.  ETC’s market cap is at $5,065,530,849 after a 7.72% hike, with the trading volume of $365,097,484 after the 22% surge. 


Among all the mentioned top crypto gainers, most of them have received a big day hike after facing dip issues for days. That’s not the case with dogwifhat, as it’s been trending for days. So, is this a sign of market recovery, or its just a day thing? The expectations are high as to see how these gainers will perform in the upcoming week. 

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