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Tornado Cash: The Ethereum scrambler? Where to Buy

Tornado Cash (TORN) has seen its price rise by 48% in the last two weeks.

Tornado Cash is a project that offers privacy to Ethereum holders. Users are able to submit their ETH and then withdraw it to another wallet while masking this second transaction to keep the data off-chain.

This makes the platform useful for those that are trying to hide where their money is heading from governments or bad actors.

Having only come to market in February, TORN has seen impressive price action so far, with all time low only reaching as low as $30.66, the project’s wild volatility has led to some great profit making opportunities for the Ethereum-masking project

Where to buy Tornado Cash (TORN)

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Is Tornado Cash a good buy right now?

Because no investment is guaranteed to be successful, it is tricky to answer this question with certainty.

Concerns that the project could be used for money laundering purposes could be of concern to financial regulators, so there is every chance that authorities could order a crack down on the project.

However this has yet to be seen, and there is every possibility that the coin could continue to see higher price action in the near future.

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