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Ukrainian couple Alexandr Kudlay and Viktoria Pustovitova part ways in handcuffs: Ukrainian couple broke up after living together in handcuffs for 123 days, love also broke

The bond of the loving couple from Ukraine, which became a topic of discussion around the world as they tied up in handcuffs, lasted just 123 days. Now, this couple are not only free from handcuffs, but their paths are also parted. This unique couple tied handcuffs to save their love, but it only lasted 123 days. After failing in the test, the two have now gone their separate ways. After removing the handcuffs, Alexander and Victoria said the unique experience forced them to face many bitter truths. Previously, Alexander and Victoria had decided to keep each other in chains for three months to test the strength of their love.

Chained in front of the Unity idol on Valentine’s Day

Earlier this year, Alexander and Victoria chained each other in front of the Unity Statue in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev on Valentine’s Day this year. Between those 123 days, the couple used to go from the store to the bathroom together. Victoria initially objected to the idea of ​​wearing handcuffs but later agreed. Victoria is deeply saddened by the breakdown of this relationship. She said, “I think it’s a good lesson for us couples in Ukraine and couples around the world that no one repeats what we did.” Victoria said she missed personal moments the most during those 123 days. She complained that her boyfriend was not taking care of her as much as she should while she was in chains.

The couple did everything to bathe together

In contrast, Alexander said he did not regret the idea of ​​wearing this handcuff to save their relationship. He said this experience gave him the opportunity to understand two like-minded people. He said, “We didn’t think the same way and we were completely different from each other.” The Ukrainian National Archives Registry, Vitale Zorin, reported that Alexander and Victoria had only a few centimeters gap in their hands, and the couple wore specially designed clothes to avoid any problems with the chains. This made them very easy to put on and take off their clothes. They bathed together in the bathroom and put the clothes in the washing machine.

You want to auction handcuffs online

The loving couple believed they would spend the next three months supporting each other, but it couldn’t have happened. The two had been together for over three months but now their love is over. Now this couple want to auction their handcuffs online and will donate the money received from them. The removal of the handcuffs from Victoria and Alexander was broadcast on Ukrainian news channels. This couple made a record even after breaking up. There is no couple in the world who stays handcuffed this long. He put a photo in his last Instagram post in which the two broke up. The two had 7,800 followers on Instagram.