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What are emotional digital skills and why will they be essential for businesses in the post-Covid era?

What are emotional digital skills and why will they be essential for businesses in the post-Covid era?

In recent years, we have already been talking about the digital transformation of companies. Digitization, changes in business models, new innovation tools such as design thinking, techniques such as agile, new ways of working … And, in this environment, came the health crisis and the revolution was even bigger and faster. In this context, many transformations fail. According to published data, up to 80% of digital transformations fail (McKinsey, Bain). The cause lies in the people, in the team, who, although trained in technological and digital skills, are not able to apply them effectively. In short, as IDIENA, the Institute for Emotional Intelligence and Applied Neuroscience, points out, there is a lack of emotional digital skills to embrace change and be successful.

Heavy and excessive use of technology in the work environment has increased symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, especially in the past 12 months, according to a study by Affor. In addition, in the same study, it is indicated that the arrival of teleworking increased the feeling of overload and complexity of their professional development. “Change cannot be improvised and people have responded, most with fear, anxiety, uncertainty… that they are not the best ingredients for rapid and effective transformation. And this cannot be resolved with technological investments, nor with digital skills education (technological training). Who changes fear into initiative, anguish into illusion, paralysis into flexibility …? How are people going to apply new technologies if they don’t change their pre-covid attitudes and behaviors? », Says Michael Jos Belzunce, president of IDIENA.

At this point, it is necessary to train the teams in emotional digital skills. What are they? It is these emotional skills that people must develop in order to be able to cope with the characteristics of digital disruption that affects all organizations and people: the speed of change, uncertainty, the need to innovate to survive, and centrality and the radical links in the client.

And, if a business is to make a digitization plan, it must do so with the emotional digital skills level of its staff in mind. They must be developed expressly. Without them, investments in digital will not yield results because it is the people who have to implement and adapt it. These skills are essential because “normally, people’s emotional capacities are not prepared to change at the speed and with the necessary radicalism with which digital technologies demand it”, analyzes Jos Belzunce.

And how do you acquire emotional digital skills? Are they learned? These skills must be elevated to a new dimension and this requires a change of attitudes and behaviors, which cannot be achieved through traditional “training”: that is, these skills are not learned through learning. through courses, face-to-face courses or seminars: because it is not a question of acquiring knowledge, but of changing attitudes and behaviors. IDIENA revolutionized learning systems by creating the concept of emotional skills training, or emotional skills training. The novelty is to create a method that allows these skills to be acquired and put into practice through daily and continuous “training”, applying micro-learning combined with multimedia technology and interactive simulations, during ‘a long process of time, although with little daily intensity. . It is a learning based on the practice of micro-habits and based on emotional intelligence and neuroscience.

Idiena has developed programs that allow companies to strengthen the emotional skills of their employees and managers.

If at an individual level it is necessary to diagnose your level of emotional digital competence, Idiena offers free scientifically rigorous diagnostics that measure your level. From the same module, he has developed specific trainings that allow you to strengthen the skills you need most to develop, or even improve, your emotional well-being.

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